About Evencph


Inspired by colorful japanese glass beads, Rikke Even wove her first bracelet. The bracelet was quite personal and reflected her unique style. Rikke enjoyed making bracelets and pendants so much that soon many people started taking notice and eventually Evencph was born.
All designs in the Evencph collection are characterised by Rikke's flair for combining colors and her elegant yet simple style. The beads are chosen in a beautiful breadth of colors and the way they are combined are an essential part of the designs. Each piece is individually designed. Each Bracelet in the Evencph collection adorns the characteristic single row of red beads. It is their "common thread". It is inspired by the danish expression "Den røde tråd", which means, the common thread and when directly translated,"The red thread".
The very tiny, Delica glass beads are tubular and uniform in shape, which makes them ideal for weaving. These beads were originally manufactured for the creation of beaded pictures which are used as wall decorations in Japan. 

Rikke Even has a degree in Textile Design and is also a skilled craftsman with a specialty in weaving, textile printing, and Illustrations/embroidery on paper. Her studio is situated just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark.